2 euro a day

2 Euros a day is a too small
amount to live for in Kosovo too.



A long grateful hug from Ici for a small packet of lego from MyAsylum.org

A long grateful hug from Ici for a small packet of lego from MyAsylum.org

We were visiting Benazera, Rifat and the little brother Ici and their mother (Ziljhida). The family lives in an isolated village located on the top of a mountain. Kosovo’s population is composed of many different cultures. The village here is particularly influenced by the Islamic culture.

The family was expelled from Denmark in 2007. Probably they were justified for humanitarian residence. However, a doctor at Hillerød hospital submitted false information in a medical report to the National Police to the detriment of the family. My asylum reported the doctor to the Board for Patient’s Complaints. The doctor got a tough rebuke. But the family was already deported and thus not allowed to return to Denmark.

In 2011, the children’s father died. Their mother now has a small pension of 2 € per day, and she has to support herself and two children. (Benazera, the daughter is married and lives with her husband). Rifat is still going to school and trying to help, but there is no paid work in the city.

2 euros a day is not enough to support oneself, definitely not a family with children.

My Asylum gives the family 100 euros every six months. The money comes from membership fees. We hope that more will provide a contribution to the family. They’re not dying of hunger, but they are starving.





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Membership price: 25 euro a year.

- or Bank account: reg nr. 9570
Account; 11658369
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