2011 young refugees Skiing

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2011 young refugees Skiing

Postcard from Sälen, Sweeden February 2011

Silver stood on his head and blocked everyone in the lift, he thought he broke his neck. But his head is stuck yet. Helin was cool and flew out of the tray and landed in the arms of a stranger. Ayub, Franko and Hassan drove up to the top of the lift and had to call the ski ambulance, they did not dare skiing back down. Cola-Arjola drove into Avin and thought the skis flying around in the air belonged to Avin. But they belonged to Arjola -Cola. Nikola baked goodnight buns for all of us. Fanar ended up crumpled in a hole in the woods. Awas and Ayub didn’t want to take skiing classes at first but they ended up falling 7 times in 5 minutes. In the end they decided to take skiing classes. Helin realized she had to control the skis and not vice versa. Sara stood on her head in a snowdrift. Mona took a belly flop and landed like a hippopotamus. Cola-Arjola drove around with her mouth open and thought she was screaming. Ayub broke the world record at the World Cup hill. It wasn’t on purpose, but because he didn’t dare to slow down. Raad, Silver and Hassan rolled around. So did Kristian, when he was supposed to help them up. Julijana flew like Superman, and landed quite as elegant as him. Fanars shoulder has fallen off. Niki has some sort of trouble with his legs.

With love, thanks to all and a special thanks to Tryg Foundation, Laustsens Foundation, Grasroot foundation and My Asylum.

from the Crash runners


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