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Ayub Isaq Osman

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The elimination of poverty is on my mind

My name is Ayub Osman. I was born in Somalia and I have been living in Denmark since I was eight.

I am studying commerce economics. My goal is to start development projects that can benefit poor people in Africa.

My family and I received residence permit in Denmark in 2009, though we were forced out of Somalia in 1996 at the start of the war. We moved to Libya, and we were lucky to even survive. We were there for seven years, but then, the situation for refugees worsened and we had to escape yet again. At 2002 we ended up in Denmark in and were then forced to live inside the asylum centers for seven years.

We were granted residence permit when my mother grove seriously ill. In the asylum centers, she was diagnosed with a high blood pressure, but got no treatment. It went after her kidneys. We are doing well now. Both my siblings and I are educating.

I know how hard life can be as a refugee. Therefore, I am a member of My Asylum to make a difference and offer my help what ever I can.

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