Bornholm special 2012

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Bornholm special 2012

Lorin was born into Denmark and grew up with the asylum system and the family’s fears. In summer 2012 Lorin and her family still didn’t got asylum. To give some time off from everyday worries,  ‘My Asylum’ arranged in 2012, a trip to the Danish Hollyday Island Bornholm special for Lorin. Lorin and her family got asylum at the end of 2013 with help from “My Asylum Org.

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My Asylum.orgLocated at
Skoleholdervej 41, 1. tv ,,Copenhagen.
Phone: + 45 28 831 318
My name is Mona Maria Ljungberg, but people call me . Here is my homepage: . My Website , , and work as an at .My friends:


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