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A little piece of happiness

Denis_hollydayIt’s a wonderful feeling when you manage to do something that gives a young person a future.

Denis and his family were deported from Denmark in 2006, after being there for 7 years. The family had fled from persecution and war and was sent back to ruins and poverty. In the years following the expulsion, My Asylum has supported Denis and other expelled children in Kosovo with holidays, breaks from the concerns, and poverty, as seen in the picture here. (2008)  The years had passed. My Asylum is now supporting Denis with his education.Denis was a good student at school, and got the chance to get in to the nursing school at the Bulgarian University hospital in Sofia.  His final exam for first years studies was on Tuesday, and it was physiopathology. Denis graduated from his first year at nursing school with the highest grade.

Nice job! Here is the link to the grade book, but for most of us it’s a little difficult to understand when the writing is Cyrillic, and language Bulgarian.  

It’s the members and enablers that give My Asylum opportunity to support Denis during his education. It’s a support that gives Denis a future for the benefit of himself and society.    It takes 3 more years before Denis graduates as a nurse, and he needs our support until then. We hope that you, who have the opportunity, will help Denis financially.

Greetings from Mona, the board, and of course Denis.   

Bank account no: 8401 103 8399
Mobilepay: 2883 1318
Swipp: 2883 1318 

Transfer from outside Denmark
Bank Merkur, Bispensgade 16, DK-9000 Aalborg

Swift code: MEKUDK21
Iban-no: DK5684010001038399


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Harmless Muslims

I’m sick of;
how the daily 
harmless Muslims
set up as something

He” is the person who on rare occasions is drawn on TV as a good example, or in an article in a newspaper to tell and show that not all Muslims sympathize with IS, or advocate Sharia, or notch a heel, and cut a hand,  and rape a girl.

He“, who is displayed to show the versatility of the media coverage; “He” who makes a display of himself in an effort to get through to the masses; “He” is a man who came to Denmark fleeing from war and terror, and now goes to work every day wearing a shirt (maybe even a white one) and jeans, and pays taxes, and lives in an apartment with furniture,  and maybe has a girlfriend,  and has children, and they all speak Danish and have seen the Jelling Stone.

Exactly because the media is spotlighting him as a lonely star in between repeated reports about a few terrorizing Muslims in Europe (the terrorizing are indeed a few among the many harmless), one gets the impression that the situation is the opposite; that there are millions of terrorizing Muslims in Europe and only a few of the good harmless ones.

I cannot recognize the image drawn by the media

I simply cannot recognize the image of the European and migrant Muslims in media portrayals.

I would dare to say that the fright of Muslims in Europe is particularly created by the media. Over the past 20 years, I got to know many people with the Muslim creed, some of them living abroad, others in Denmark where they applied for asylum. Families and singles, who have spent many years in asylum centers. Some of them I became friends with. Most of them now have jobs. In fact, all of those I still know. The youngest are still going to school, or they work as well. And I can assure, that the system (state apparatus’) have no part of the honor, that my Muslim friends are being nice behaving citizens. They are being nice behaving citizens in spite of a system that was designed to degrade them, and eject them.

Thus, I do not eliminate that some of them I got to know during their years in asylum centers eventually has committed something illegal in the past.  It is not impossible, but it’s also not a matter of course. As it is not impossible or self-evident that some of my non-Muslim Danish friends maybe has done something illegal, without my knowing.

“But when there are so many good Muslims, they all cannot be shown on television.”

Maybe not, but it is not about pulling all the good ones out, but to use the same ethics and rules that are used on us so-called real Danes and the European non-Muslims.

“Do you dissociate yourself from
a former Danish soldier’s 
and killing of his own parents?”

For comparison: when a Danish soldier has returned from war and kidnaps his parents and is suspected of killing them, then no TV-station or newspaper begins to suspect or ask inappropriate questions to all the Danish soldier returned from war (or they so called real Danes in generally for that matter), as; Do you dissociate yourself from a returned Danish war soldier’s kidnapping and murder of his parents? What will you do to prevent the returning Danish soldiers from killing their parents?Or from beating their wives? Do you understand why some people get scared when you don’t go public and dissociate yourself from Danish-soldier-killings of their parents?

No TV station withdrew an entire channel round-the-clock to focus only on the soldier and the kidnapped parents until they were found, nor during the days after they were found. They did not, because it was a Danish man, a former soldier, who had returned from a war zone and now committed the terrible crime. Indeed it was said with even empathy that he was suffering from PTSD. No one wondered and asked; perhaps the man was a lunatic before he was sent to war and then could have been harmful to the war affected country’s population. (I have no idea if he was, but the possibility exists). No one has generalized and said; when a former Danish war soldier is a parent-murder, then all former Danish war soldiers are potentially parent-murders. Probably, because it would be an absurd way of thinking, but it is precisely this absurd transmission which is made about Muslims when a few rabid (and in my view maniacs) are murdering civilians in Europe, – the everyday ordinary Muslims included.

Pedophile priests are limited to the Catholic faith?

 We find it absurd if the media based on some (actually a huge number) Catholic pedophiles priest assaults, begins to cast suspicion that all Christian pastors commit child abuse. Danish priests, for example, are of a different Christian denomination than the Catholic. However, oh hello!!! Muslims are also divided into different religious persuasion plus the extremists.  And extremists are also found within Christianity.  In Congo Christians are murdering with their hand on the Bible. I wonder if there are some of those rabid Christians from Congo in Europe. Why not? Just as there are pedophile priests in Europe! (And I need to remind you that crime is not caused by immigration, it has always existed before. Danish prisons are toad old, and they were built for a reason in the so called good old days. I think it is the same in many other European countries too).

We find it absurd, if some suspect all Norwegians for being terrorists based on Mr. Breivik’s actions, as his victims were Norwegians. Well, yes! But it is also Muslim IS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda and other extremists are murdering. They have killed millions of Muslims. And yet not only the few Muslims who do the crime are accused but all Muslims inside and outside Europe are accused and suspected.

Why are the burning people and starvation caused
by war and bombs not worth a massive information campaign?

European media and states are into my view “helping” the terrorists’ murdering on the harmless Muslims. Europe, Russia and the United States are fighting in Syria with and against Assad, and all of them are massacring the civilians.  They use all their power to keep the civilians trapped inside the war zones. When the civilians can’t enter Europe then they neither can get out of the war zones, and then they become the bombing targets for anyone who likes to throw bombs over the Syrians. Or they become drowning victims to the sea! Or are rolled over by a train on a railway track in Macedonia! Or they are going to rot in camps in Greece!

From an ancient war to a comparison with today’s. During the war in Vietnam, a napalm-burned girl was filmed running naked down the road. She had been hit with napalm by an American bomber. The picture went around the world, and was shown over and over in the same way as the terrorist attack on a French beach or in a Belgian airport appears today.

The image made a difference! It was instrumental in stopping the war in Vietnam. But not only the image itself. It was the media’s repeated display of the picture too that made the difference. The girl became the     3

symbol of many images that appeared on the terror attacks Vietnamese people were exposed to from the US (Before the US, France was bombing them = 30 years bombing in total).

In today’s wars no TV-channels are involved in showing small Muslim girls and boys being burned. Only assaulted Europeans gets the honor of attention and memorial ceremonies. The burned children do not fill in to now a days TV, newspapers etc. Rarely sometimes a little burned or drowned girl or boy appears after having gone viral on the social media, but no one sticks to it, and keep the war makers responsible and force us “us non-Muslim” Europeans and Danes to view, what is going on.

But, I can assure you, they burn! And they suffer, small children and adult women and men.  Millions of peaceful Muslims are getting murdered from extreme Muslims. Unfortunately, they’re all accused of being potential terrorists, thus they also get murdered by the US / Russian / European bombs, and in the seas, and in the deserts by barbed wire, and walls built up from the outside to keep them inside in the war zones.

The media’s one-sided information on European victims

It’s the media’s job to be informative and exalt the burning, starving, and drowning people to more than the one-minut-stadium.  I am sure that daily news and constant focus on burned, drowned, and starving children would make a huge impact on the Danish and European people’s attitude towards Muslims, warlords, and refugees, and provide a completely different understanding and opposition against the murdering of innocent people. – Oh, but Danish media are just doing the same as the other countries!  And the other the same as the Danes. But why? Somebody has to be the first (hopefully), and it would suit the Danish media to be a pioneer and embark on the abscess.

Why doesn’t the Danish media reflect the composition of the population?

And by the way:  countless “good really” Danes and Europeans actually appear on the Danish television. In debates! And especially in debates on immigrants! Called debaters on TV and radio are far from being representatives of the Danish population composition, which has changed in the recent decades.  It is always the so called real ethnic Danes who get invited to the debate. When the debaters are chosen, it is as if Muslims do not exist! But in meanwhile debating, how non-integrated and too many “they” are And the phrase “they” (Muslim immigrants) have big integration problems has become a fixture of any politician pronunciation and has been swallowed raw by the media. – But no – not at all they all have integration problems. Some of the immigrants have, but there are certainly also many of them who don’t have.

Also in film and comics and TV shows, we mainly see the “good real” Danes settled around the dinner table, on birthday parties visiting mam and dad and mother in laws. It’s unbelievable to me that there shouldn’t be immigrants and Muslims who can have these ordinary mother- father- sister chief- artist roles.  One gets the impression that only so called inherited real Danes have what we understand by a normal daily life with cooking, homework, work, teenage children, a laundry and time to chill, and discussions about the colors of the curtains, and that Muslims don’t have that kind of daily life as it is never shown. But, it is exactly what the majority of the Muslims have. Habibi!

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Kosovo Arrival


At the airport Islam and his father welcomed us , and we started our trip with paying a visit and coffee drinking by Islam’s family and talk about education. Islam is 17 years old and would like to get educated as an motor mechanic, starting  on  September the 1st . Islam will need support for transport. Thanks to the Bodil Pedersen Fund , we are able to help Islam .


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Joy spreading

Vere soon the two of us off (Mona and Ayub) are travelling to Kosovo to spread joy. We’re going down to clarify which of the expelled young people can get an education and not least implement it with economic assistance from us. – And even if you are no longer a child, one can eat an ice cream or two, when the beloved ones from Denmark pay a visit. And we know we are beloved. – And the love is reciprocated.

Here is a memento from previous joy spread to expelled Kosovo children and some happy children, and nice to look at in these days.


Spread the joy – after all !

Many greetings

Mona, Samir, Ayub, Frederik, Arjola, Lise and Fanar

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Our new web-site is done

We have finished our new website and I  (Mona) am very proud , for I was the one constructing it and with very little help. – We’ve also got a payment function (it was hard to do, but now it’s here at our website).

We hope, that a lot of you will try it out, just with a small amount, it is so exciting to see it work and the money will be spend for a good cause.

Spread joy – after all!

Many greetings


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We are not powerless

We are not powerless

A down trip of a summer, a down trip of an election result (on the whole). In My Asylum, we have chosen not to dig down, but to spread even more joy – where others spread hatred. We encourage you all to do the same. In the speech. In action. Safeguard the right of all people to life and not least to a dignified life. We are not powerless. The struggle for human rights has never been fought by state governments. It is fought by the people and always should have been fought by the people. And it still must be.

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Inquiries of used

Inquiries of used:
ipads / tablets , iPhones / smartphones
to expelled young people in Kosovo

Smart phones and Ipads are a luxury, which expelled young people in Kosovo can’t afford.  A laptop is also in high demand. If you own a used smart-phone or tablet / ipad or laptop (neither dead nor in a dying state), some expelled young people in Kosovo will be happy to get it as a donation. A laptop is welcomed and a treasure.

Are you one of those who have the opportunity to be a cheerful donator, please contact Mona Ljungberg at e – mail:

Soon a few members from My will take off to Kosovo to visit expelled families with children, and we hope to bring some equipment as a loving greeting from Denmark or where ever you are.

The purpose of the Kosovo trip is to clarify how many of the expelled children and young people are in need for aid with themselves and their families . We are focusing particularly on education hoping that it could promote some of the expelled young people to find a job and an income and a brighter future.

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Out of Sight – but not of mind

Expelled children and young people
are out of sight – But not out of our minds


Klik på billedet for dans

My asylum is supporting expelled children and young people in Kosovo.

With training and to create a livelihood . Young people are dependent on donations for that purpose.

Please, make an offer to give expelled young people a chance. Join My Asylum, and you are automatically supporting young people, who grove up in Denmark but expulsed to Kosovo .

My Asylum is a non-profit and NGO- organization in the old sense, which means; totally independent of the state. We do not receive any kind of Government foundation.

A membership costs only 25 euro a year.

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No one should be left behind
certainly not deported young refugees

No one should be left behind;

Sometimes we are asked why ‘My Asylum’ makes such a fuss about a group of young people who were deported to Kosovo and Macedonia nine years ago.  We do it for the same reasons that make us fuss about the refugees arriving in Denmark today.

Just like the children who arrive in and pass through Denmark today, the young deportees experienced the horrors of war and exodus.  They experienced the Macedonian borders being closed to the 1 million people on the train tracks, while bullets whistled past their ears.  Men were pulled out of the masses and shot. Some women were dragged out and raped. The young deportees experienced the tiring journey through Europe on highways, crammed into trucks for days and weeks.  Some were separated from their parents during the escape, and were first reunited months later.

They have seen their parents collapse under the weight of refused asylum in Denmark. The atmosphere was not like today when they arrived in Denmark.  It was hateful, and only a few people offered the children and their families a little kindness.  They did not receive asylum, though they could not return or be returned due to the danger to their lives in Kosovo and Macedonia.

They have experienced life in asylum centres for 6-7 years.  Not just in one centre, but in 10-20. They were moved from one end of the country to the other constantly, and their lives were more or less permanently packed into plastic bags.  They were excluded from the education that was given to Danish students and lived on nutritionally deficient lunch boxes from the Danish state.  Stress inducing and disruptive measures against displaced people were built into the law system by politicians.

They personally experienced or witnessed classmates and friends being forcibly deported by a large group of police, who entered their rooms early in the morning and forced them from their beds, only giving them ten minutes to pack.  In Denmark!  They experienced separation from the people and friends they had here in Denmark.  They experienced being forced to return to homes that were in ruins, to hunger and thirst.  But not a future.

That’s why we make a fuss and continue to help them by asking for donations (currently we are seeking donations for school and laptops) that can help young deportees in Kosovo get an education.  We want them to have a future, even though they were displaced from Danish soil.

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Membership price: 25 euro a year.

- or Bank account: reg nr. 9570
-Account no; 11658369
- IBAN: DK6230000011658369


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