The thoughest young woman in Kosovo


Dalila in Prizren by night

July 2015; Dalila and her friend from Macedonia reunificated in a hollyday after 6 years apart

Only a few of the young people who live in Kosovo’s mountain villages and towns receive education that grants access to further academic education, and that is not because these young people are less intelligent than anywhere else.  Academic education is just not in the cards for them.  If, in addition, the young person spent their first school years or more in Denmark’s asylum system with limited access to school and education, then it may become almost impossible to catch up after being returned to Kosovo.  The path to higher education is paved with difficulties if the young person belongs to one of Kosovo’s ethnic minorities.  But all these difficulties fade in comparison to the trials faced by women and girls in Kosovo.  Dalila is a one of these young people, and has all the odds against her.  But she is tough!

Dalila completed her high-school level education, which was directed at further medical education.  After that she spent six months in an unpaid internship as a laboratory technician and is certified within the field.  But there are no jobs available.

This year, during the beginning of the summer, Dalila was in a terrible car accident and one side of her face was sliced open.  She starved for weeks because her jaw had to be sutured, leaving her unable to eat.  Simultaneously, her grandmother died of disease, and her mother became ill.  It left one wondering how much longer Dalila would be able to manage.

Luckily, Ayub and I were on our way to Kosovo and could bring ointments for her face, gifts and fun distractions to make Dalila’s life more enjoyable than it was earlier in the summer.  We laughed and went on outings, and Dalila cheered up.  She is tough.

Dalila is tough.  Throughout the winter, she has taught herself more and more English.  At first, she did so to earn money by helping My Asylum with translations, and so, she had to learn English.  Since then Dalila has started to chat with an English-speaking person on Facebook, and has learned more English.

Dalila has made an almost incredible effort, and has now been accepted as a student of English at the university.  Supporting Dalila throughout her education is foremost in our thoughts.  There are expenses for books, transportation and a small tuition fee.  And Dalila sorely needs a computer.

So Dalila is one of the young people we help through membership payments, donations and funds, and we are happy to be able to support her.

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Dalila when a child refugee to Denmark


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