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Adisa and Adis shortly after their return to Kosovo

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Language was another problem for the deported children who looked to re-start their lives in Kosovo. During their stay in Denmark, the national language in Kosovo changed from Serbo-Croatian to Albanian (two very different languages; as Danish is to Spanish). Although the children in Denmark had spoken their native language with their parents, many children and their parents couldn’t speak the language of the Kosovo they returned to. Albanian children also had problems. They understood the language but did not know the spelling.

The expelled children of Kosovo and still in school-age had limited education during their schooling in Denmark. They lacked literature and numeracy. They were back of all general education skills (some had not even learned the alphabet). Also, they returned to a completely different culture from the one that they were used to. The teachers were allowed to beat the students. Some children experienced anger from teachers who were annoyed that these children returned from abroad with no understanding of the basics and homework in school. A lot of these children were bullied by their classmates.

A trauma that children experienced is the loss of colleagues in Denmark. For years, they were stucked in refugee centers and spent most of the 24 hours a day together. They were not allowed to have friends outside these centers. Maybe that is precisely why they shared a close bond together. They had each other foremost. They knew each other, they understood eachother and the conditions they lived in and shared. They shared the same dreams and wishes of achieving permanent residence in Denmark, which they had heard much of. These children shared a very strong connection. Some of these children also became attached to the members of staff in the refugee centers. They felt empty due to the loss of friendships and lack of outside interaction. The expulsed children also felt lost among each other; most of them were from different parts of Kosovo. The children were both expulsed and lonely.

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