Our economic basics

Memberships are an important part of My Asylum's economic base. This applies to all amounts. Every little helps and is moral support too.

Foundations from private funds are another part of My Asylum's economic base. Funds as the Grassroot Fund, 1th May fund, Gerda Laustsen 's fund, Gerda Bing’s Fund and the Robinsohn Fund are through many years invaluable and continuous supporting our mission to help those people we help

Volunteers’ efforts are an essential part of our economic foundation. Working time = money. Volunteers in My Asylum spend a lot of hours on the people My Asylum is helping, the organizational work as to keep the association going.

Administrative expenses are in My Asylum few and small. But the administration expenses cannot be completely eliminated. There must be a budget and accounting. An accountor costs money, and we really want to afford one. There are costs for Electricity, IT-equipment , telephone and office. Everyone knows such expenses are necessary to make an organization running, even though most of us don’t want to pay to administrative costs. In My Asylum we hope that one day we will have foundations enough to run on more than volunteer efforts and have some salaries for our work.

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Base of My Asylum’s finances

revisor_2Members contributions
Private foundations

Get a memberhip and give support

Membership price: 25 euro a year.

- or Bank account: reg nr. 9570
Account; 11658369
- IBAN: DK6230000011658369

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