Mona Ljungberg

2016_04_05_mona3 “How did you get that involved?”

”Why do you spend so much of your time on refugees?”… “Are you Jewish?”… ”Are you against Jews?”… ” I heard…”  The questions over the years have been many and conflicting, and the answer is:

My concern for refugees, or rather for people subjected to persecution, are founded in my upbringing , I am pretty sure. No one in my family is Jewish, but persecution of Jews during the second World War and the evils of that time were also harming me and my family. My mother was young during the war and the German occupation of Denmark. Her face was naturally surrounded by pitch black and thick hair. Her eyebrows and eyelashes were dense and black. The look was atypical for a Dane at the time and that gave her problems during the occupation. She lived in a constant danger and feared that German soldiers would think she was an ethnic Jew.

I have an understanding of my mother and the fear she lived with. Born in post-war years, I grew up with many reports and photos from Nazi death camps, with the widespread disbelief of “How could this happen?” Along with the saying, “It may never happen again.”

But it happened again. Many times since then,  both in Europe and elsewhere. And it will probably always continue to happen. But the more we fight against these atrocities, while improving human rights and living conditions, the fewer times these atrocities will repeat.

This is the reason for my commitment to people affected by war and persecution, and therefore I participate in “My Asylum”.

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