No one should be left behind
certainly not deported young refugees

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No one should be left behind
certainly not deported young refugees

No one should be left behind;

Sometimes we are asked why ‘My Asylum’ makes such a fuss about a group of young people who were deported to Kosovo and Macedonia nine years ago.  We do it for the same reasons that make us fuss about the refugees arriving in Denmark today.

Just like the children who arrive in and pass through Denmark today, the young deportees experienced the horrors of war and exodus.  They experienced the Macedonian borders being closed to the 1 million people on the train tracks, while bullets whistled past their ears.  Men were pulled out of the masses and shot. Some women were dragged out and raped. The young deportees experienced the tiring journey through Europe on highways, crammed into trucks for days and weeks.  Some were separated from their parents during the escape, and were first reunited months later.

They have seen their parents collapse under the weight of refused asylum in Denmark. The atmosphere was not like today when they arrived in Denmark.  It was hateful, and only a few people offered the children and their families a little kindness.  They did not receive asylum, though they could not return or be returned due to the danger to their lives in Kosovo and Macedonia.

They have experienced life in asylum centres for 6-7 years.  Not just in one centre, but in 10-20. They were moved from one end of the country to the other constantly, and their lives were more or less permanently packed into plastic bags.  They were excluded from the education that was given to Danish students and lived on nutritionally deficient lunch boxes from the Danish state.  Stress inducing and disruptive measures against displaced people were built into the law system by politicians.

They personally experienced or witnessed classmates and friends being forcibly deported by a large group of police, who entered their rooms early in the morning and forced them from their beds, only giving them ten minutes to pack.  In Denmark!  They experienced separation from the people and friends they had here in Denmark.  They experienced being forced to return to homes that were in ruins, to hunger and thirst.  But not a future.

That’s why we make a fuss and continue to help them by asking for donations (currently we are seeking donations for school and laptops) that can help young deportees in Kosovo get an education.  We want them to have a future, even though they were displaced from Danish soil.

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Refugees of the Kosovo-war 1999


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