Rijalda was expelled to Macedonia 13 year old, after living in Denmark for 7 years. The family had nothing to return to and lived the first 5 years in a dank basement one room flat. Then, the family finally had money for building two rooms above the ground, where it doesn’t rain in.

The education system in Macedonia is different than in Denmark and expensive. Rijalda started but had to quit.

Rijalda is interested in programming and has a flair for it. The interest started when Rijalda gained insight into making web programming through My Asylum.

Rijalda has the opportunity to take free programming courses online. But it costs to make a tests and get a prove for your skills. The tests are official recognized. In My Asylum we would like to help Rijalda. She needs a new computer and programms. If she can be a good programmer, she can earn a lot of money and get a good job.

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